Hey, I'm Jarrod.
I'm a MMA fan, web developer, and bad movie fanatic.
I build little side projects on GitHub to expand my knowledge of new topics.
I train out of Resilience, and am currently focusing on Boxing and BJJ. If you want to follow my sports travels then my Instagram would be the best bet for that.
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Why MMA?

I grew up like many others watching Kung-fu movies, it was a great fun watching the Chinese circus tricks of Jacky Chan, to the more serious Bruce Lee, as well as much of the action schlock of the 80's and 90's. When I was 9 years old my parents took me to learn Taekwondo and from that moment I was hooked on martial arts.
I stopped my training for a brief period of time when I was finishing school. In University I finally decided to try and find a new sport to fill the void, that's where I found MMA.
I don't particularly like the "traditional" parts of most sports and also dislike most of the "sport" aspects of sports like Taekwondo. What I do enjoy is being able to use everything available to you, and also testing all your skills to the most reasonable degree. What I really enjoy is a practical martial art, where you can rep as close to possible what you're trying to do, if you can't pressure test what you're trying to do or you need a whole heap of pads and add in strange rules and scoring then you're losing me. I just see a clear divide between fighting, sport, and tradition/dance. The only bit I care about is the fighting, nothing else so that's why I love Mixed Martial Arts, it is lacking in tradition, if anyone says bullshit it can be tested in fire, and it's about as real as it can get.

Web developer

I went to University for a degree in Business Information Systems, and a degree in Commerce. I studied and completed my degrees at Swinburne University.
University was an interesting time for me, I was not that driven for the first two years, but managed to get a job due to a friend. The job was working with tech as a project assistant, it exposed me to many different areas of the tech industry and helped me become who I am today. While I was there I met a man who would change the course of my life, he introduced me to Web development.
I spent the next few years finishing off my degree, investing my off time into learning web development, and building my skills in MMA.
Today I'm finally a Front-end developer, I was no "6 months and you're a developer" type of story. It took me awhile but in the end I think I've made it? Well I've made it through the door now, and plan to keep skilling up in the areas that interest me.
What drew me to development was the ability to create, it reminds me of playing with lego as a kid. As a small child and even as an adult I enjoy building and creating, development allowed me to build what ever I had in my mind, right now it's the journey of hatching an idea, planning, and building that drives me.


Youtube, podcasts, twitch, etc... I've been creating different forms of media for different reasons since high school and will never stop. I've never really reached "viral" success or made any money off it, it's just a way to express myself and thoughts.

What drives me to learn more?

I got into self development in my third year of University, that's when I decided to try. It's easy to look back now and say "If only I tried then" but the reality is I was not as driven in the past as I am now. Pretty much just follow all the cliche sayings of drink more water, sleep more/better, workout, and create daily tasks/routines to complete.
I found that reading and listening to audio books really expanded my horizons with what I could do, that and joining new gyms to find positive influences on my life.

Contact me

The best way to get in touch with me is to email kajarrod@gmail.com